Future Projects

ERC is much more than just a single project developer. We are a dynamic and innovative strategic master developer of unique communities. We create shareholder value through effective management of our current land bank while continuing to lay the groundwork for expansion even as we continue our decades-long commitment to Sahl Hasheesh. By controlling the development of the community through the Master Plan, controlling the release of plots to sub-developers, and controlling the management of the community utilities within the developments through project partners, we create sustainable world-class managed communities that ensure long-term returns for both our investors and our partners.

In the years ahead, ERC will create value in Egypt and abroad using the same principles refined at Sahl Hasheesh. The institutional expertise and network of relationships we have developed in the creation of our flagship resort will lend themselves equally to the creation of new large-scale mixed-use, industrial-based or agriculture-based communities locally and abroad.

The ERC Business Development team continuously searches for and investigates expansion opportunities suitable to ERC’s development model.